TechnicAtome, Société Technique pour l'Energie Atomique



TechnicAtome is specialized in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of compact nuclear reactors.

TechnicAtome employs about 1,500 people and operates for naval propulsion, research, nuclear medicine and energy.

For more than 45 years the company has been offering its nuclear engineering expertise on reactors, fuel and related facilities. TechnicAtome proposes its customers solutions and products that meet the highest safety and availability standards.






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Match de football Armées-Variété Club de France le 06/09/2017, stade Emile Antoine, Paris 15è

We were here!

RRFM 2017 (14-18 Mai à Rotterdam, Pays Bas)

Grand prix Ecole Navale 2017 (24-28 mai, presqu'île de Crozon à Brest, France)

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