Shareholders Committee

The Shareholders Committee provides guidance and oversees the company's actions and results: it deliberates on all major strategic, economic, financial and technology directions concerning TechnicAtome's business. It is responsible for the interests of key stakeholders, whether they are shareholders, employees or customers.

It meets as often as the company's interests dictate.


The Shareholders Committee is composed of twelve members including:

  • six French State representatives
  • a DCNS representative
  • a CEA representative
  • four company personnel representatives,

each of whom is appointed for five years.

The TechnicAtome Shareholders Committee has comprises the following since Mars 29, 2017:

  • 1 Chairman
  • 5 Shareholders representatives
  • 1 CEA representative
  • 1 DCNS representative
  • 4 Representatives of company personnel
  • 1 DCNS censor
  • 1 CEA Censor
  • 1 Contrôleur Général Economique et Financier
  • 1 Commissaire du Gouvernement 


  • Appoint the Chairman / Chief Executive Officer, and set their compensation.
  • Define the strategy and guidelines for the company's operations and oversee their implementation; approve the company's annual and multi-annual budget as well as its annual and consolidated financial statements and related reports.
  • Take up any matter pertaining to the proper running of the compagny and perform the verifications and audits it deems pertinent.
  • Authorize regulated agreements.
  • Decide to create committees and determine their composition, responsibilities and any compensation for their members. The committees carry out their activities under the responsibility of the Board of Directors.
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