Occupational safety: our 9 standards

Applying the 9 safety standards ensures the safety of others as well as our own!

5 minutes for safety

"Devote the first few minutes of each management meeting to occupational safety."

Safety information and training  - Strict compliance with pictograms

 "The first information received by each newcomer takes the form of a suitable introductory module on safety at the site and on the job.

A safety rule is expressed by a pictogram: red for a prohibition, yellow for a risk, blue for an obligation. The pictogram is posted in a visible location where the rule applies to everyone entering the area in question."

Personal protective equipment

 "Any person entering a TA work area must wear the personal protective equipment shown on the posted pictograms."

Walk carefully

"Unless sports activities are involved, all movement on foot in the work area should be done at a walking pace, paying careful attention to potential obstacles and following markings for pedestrian passage."

Hold the handrail!

"A person going up or down stairs must hold onto the handrail."

Take precautions for overhead work

"If overhead work cannot be avoided, it should be done using certified lift equipment, whether stationary or mobile, equipped with railings. If these conditins are not present, the use of a system for stopping falls and a means of recovering from them are mandatory."

No unprotected cable on the floor

 "No unprotected cable should be left on the floor in areas where people are present."

Smoking only in designated areas

"For safety reasons, smoking is authorized only in designated areas." 

Secure the handling area

"Any mechanized handling operating must be prepared by an authorized person by marking off the handling area to prevent the passage of persons beneath the load, and by verifying the condition and adequacy of handling slings and auxiliaries, and by verifying the condition of the cables." 

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