Quality Culture & Policy

TechnicAtome's business strategy is deployed along four lines and draws on the following performance goals:

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Safety and Security

  • Maintaining a high level of safety (no major incident)
  • Ensuring employee safety (working towards zero accidents)
  • Aiming for doses that are as low as possible
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Operations and Customers

  • Be above reproach in contract and project execution: listening to the customer, on time delivery and product/deliverable quality
  • Pursue our development strategy in nuclear power for civil industry and research
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Economic Competitiveness

  • Continue to implement our competitiveness plan and reduce our production costs
  • Optimize the use of resources
  • Stick to the budget (revenue, EBITDA, OCF)
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Technology and Innovation

  • Maintain and build our acivities around technical mastery
  • Develop and consolidate our dual technical expertise
  • Offer innovative and economic solutions
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Human Resources

  • Retain key nuclear propulsion skills and continue to develop nuclear power skills
  • Be resourceful in carrying out hiring and mobility
  • Get involved through performance improvement programs and management in the field

These areas for improvement mobilize every area of TechnicAtome's responsibility around operating objectives meeting applicable legal requirements.

Our Management by Process System is based on the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 ans OHSAS 18001 standards as well as on applicable Safety standards, and aims for the continuous improvement of our preformance.

We are particularly attentive to standards related to Nuclear Safety, Occupational Safety, Health and Environmenttal Protection.

Quality Culture: Doing it right the first time!

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Together, we are committed to improving standards of quality to achieve customer satisfaction and operational excellence.


Quality standards, reflexes and practical methods to be adopted every day to "do it right the first time!".


TechnicAtome's quality standards are integrated into each stage of the project and draw on tools and methods which are widely recognized in the industry. By applying them, we meet our Quality, Schedule (ODT) and Cost objectives.

  • FMECA (Failure mode, effects and criticality analysis): Comply with requirements and anticipate failures
  • SPC (Statistical Process Control): Control work quality to ensure zero defects over the long term
  • 8Ds: Eight Disciplines Problem Solving
  • Target Costing: Right-designing, from functional analysis to value analysis
  • QMS (Quality Management System): Seek efficiency by using continuous improvement to achieve customer satisfaction
  • Event Tracking: Idezntify and document all deviations in real time
  • Technical Portal: Give access to the company's technical knowledge base and share operating experience
  • ISO 9001 and 14001 Standards (2015 version): Changes serving the company's peformance
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