Diversity at TechnicAtome

Sabine ESCUDERO, the Diversity Manager

Diversity is a key performance driver.

It broadens understanding, brings different skills and visions into contact with each other, and fuels innovation. It must be acted upon, valued and defended. For all these reasons, TechnicAtome has chosen to establish and promote its Diversity Policy.

AFNOR certified TechnicAtome in March 2010, testifying to the compliance of its program for preventing discrimination and promoting equal opportunity and diversity as part of the company’s human resources management.

The Diversity Policy is a meaningful policy which rallies all of the actions that help strengthen managerial policy and fight all types of discrimination.

To fight discrimination in all its forms, all recruitment officers and managers are regularly trained or made aware of the different facets of the diversity policy. Training on the quality of work life, on occupational stress and on diversity in general is provided to all of the company’s employees.

Equal treatment, regardless of sexual orientation, origin or disability, is one of the cornerstones of harmony and efficiency in the company.

Every year, events are held at the different sites to encourage a shift in employees' perceptions, in particular as concerns disabilities, through sports (foot races, speeches by champion athletes, including a 2016 Olympic gold medal winner) and culture (theatre, speeches by specialists, gifts of books).

This new awareness must be supported by tangible actions with employees and in the management teams.

In recent years, our recruitment policy has focused on age diversity, with 40% of our hires in 2016 less than 25 years old and 11% more than 45 years old.

For the past three years, more than 5% of TechnicAtome’s employees are in work-study positions.

Another of our concerns is the role of women in an industrial company in which 80% of the staff are engineers. This is not an easy matter, but we are working with the schools to promote women in business at every level and for every job.

In 2016, 33% of our hires were women across all of our job openings, which are mostly technical.

Diversity is an investment that pays off when it is carried out with conviction, and above all it is a source of personal and collective enrichment.

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