Our activities

Nuclear Propulsion & Defence

TechnicAtome combines its experience as a designer of naval propulsion nuclear reactors and an operator of nuclear defence facilities.

Throughout successive generations, the nuclear submarines of the French Navy have been propelled in complete safety by compact nuclear reactors designed by TechnicAtome.  

TechnicAtome's staff conduct large projects at different stages of development and guarantee their customers the highest levels of availability while respecting the highest safety requirements.

Our activities

Civil nuclear energy

For almost 50 years, TechnicAtome's staff has been involved in French and international projects, designing and producing reactors and research facilities, or systems for nuclear power generation.

Our subsidiary


Our subsidiary ARCYS markets, develops, produces and provides operational maintenance for I & C solutions in harsh environments for the defence and civil nuclear industry, and for transport.

Logo de ARCYS, filiale de TechnicAtome