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TechnicAtome is specialized in design, construction, commissioning and operational maintenance of compact nuclear reactors. TechnicAtome employs 2,000 employees working in the fields of naval propulsion, research and energy.

For almost 50 years, it has been providing its nuclear engineering expertise for reactors, fuels and associated facilities, and offers its customers solutions and products that meet the highest standards of safety and availability.

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It is a well-known fact that the past year was an exceptional one. Indeed, 2022 was a year unlike any other for TA. It is not every year that we celebrate half a century in existence and we were delighted to do so together with our employees at all our sites, as well as all of our partners and customers, stakeholders in the French nuclear propulsion adventure.

D’autant que l’année a été riche en activité. Près de 500 millions d’euros de chiffre d’affaires c’est plus de 8% d’augmentation par rapport à 2022, avec une marge opérationnelle qui est restée satisfaisante, et des effectifs qui suivent la tendance. Nous sommes près de 1900 en ce début d’année, nous étions un peu plus de 1800 en janvier dernier. Tous nos projets ont été dans des phases actives, et presque tous ont requis des ressources complémentaires. Nous recrutons dans tous les métiers, à tous les niveaux de séniorité, et nos sites grandissent pour accueillir les nouveaux de la meilleure des façons.

2022 was significant also (above all) because of the return of war to Europe, bringing an end, perhaps, to overconfidence in the robustness of international trade circuits. Could this be the end of certain illusions? As an engineer and industrial designer at the service of national sovereignty, and accustomed to “French Eyes Only” procedure, TA is a modest but key player in French manufacturing. We are at the forefront of helping to ensure that re-industrialisation, a concept which enjoyed success in 2022, becomes a concrete reality.

On 30 September, the on-board steam supply system of the nuclear-powered attack submarine Duguay-Trouin, which we are completing with Naval Group, started up on time and is the third reactor we have started up in four years. The preliminary design of the next generation aircraft carrier reactors is nearing completion and meeting its targets, and the Nuward Civil Modular Reactor programme will enter the detailed design phase in 2023. On the civil nuclear side, too, TA is still closely linked to the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) for the construction of the Jules Horowitz reactor at Cadarache, a facility that is now more relevant than ever to support the ageing of the current reactors and the emergence for another half-century of future nuclear power plants in operation.

TA is doing well, thanks to its solid long-term fundamentals, products of the highest quality and soon, 2,000 employees, all committed to our great project. Join us

Chairman and Managing Director of TechnicAtome


TechnicAtome offers its expertise in nuclear engineering for reactors, fuels and associated facilities, and provides its customers with solutions and products that meet the highest standards of safety and availability.


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Our dominant activity is nuclear naval propulsion. In addition to this central pillar are complementary activities identified in the Cap TA strategic plan defined in 2018:


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With a growing revenue and an order book of several years, the company is experiencing a very dynamic period and has a solid financial strength to meet the technical challenges to come

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Financial and Legal Director

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