RES programme

Construction and operating the shore-based nuclear test reactor for French naval propulsion and its related facilities

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  • Support the fleet of nuclear powered vessels
  • Qualify the fuel and cores of present and future steam supply systems
  • Develop and qualify new concepts


Main services

  • Overall design of the RES (steam supply system and infrastructure)
  • Project management of most of the production process
  • Design and manufacture of the core
  • Provision of I&C; and classified equipment
  • Maintenance and operation of the facility
  • Managing facilities
  • Performing tests
  • Major maintenance operations (loading, unloading, etc.)

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Main stages:

  • February 2004 : Reinforcement of the reactor building basemat
  • 2005 : Lining & Commissioning of the pool and the workshop
  • August 2011 : Assembly of the steam supply system block
  • 2012 – 2017 : Machine, ventilation and system testing, related services, overall testing
  • 10-10-2018 : 1rst criticality and commissioning of the reactor
  • 09 march 2021 The RES reaches its maximum power for the first time