Advice and assistance to contracting authorities and project management

TechnicAtome supports its customers at every stage of a project, from feasibility through to commissioning. It applies its expertise and processes that ensure control of the project's technology, finances and schedule.


  • Provides assistance to the contracting authority of major nuclear projects in the fulfilment of technical, economic, environmental and nuclear safety requirements, including during the feasibility phase.
  • Provides technical support and supervision of subcontractors in industrial architecture, safety, radiation protection, neutronics, general operation, layout, mechanics, electricity, fluid systems, instrumentation and control, etc.
  • Applies systems engineering processes that are suitable for complex facilities and digital tools to simplify design and support the operator's operational activities.

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Main references

  • Project management of the Jules Horowitz Reactor (JHR) project for the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA).

  • Provision of assistance to the contracting authority relating to port and nuclear infrastructure at the Toulon and Brest naval bases for the Ministry of the Armed Forces.

  • Assistance to the CEA on the design, construction, commissioning and operation of the Laser Mégajoule (LMJ).