Board of Directors

The Board of Directors directs and controls the company's action and results: it deliberates on all major strategic, economic, financial or technological guidelines concerning TechnicAtome's activity. The Board of Directors is responsible for the interests of the main stakeholders, namely shareholders, employees and customers.

It meets as often as is dictated by the interests of the company.

Board of Directors


TechnicAtome's Board of Directors is composed of twelve members, including:

They are appointed for five years.
TechnicAtome’s Board of Directors is composed as follows:

Victor Cauchois

Loïc Rocard, CEO

Catherine Cornand

Cécile Prévieu

Thierry Rouffet

Bernard Salha

Domitille Laude

Quitterie Bourayne

Thierry Dougnac

Philippe Dubois

Bruno Le Borgne

Yann Nouguier

Jérôme Demoment

Eric Chamroux

Damien d'Ozouville

Denis Chevillot