Laser Megajoule

The CEA's strategic partner for the design, follow-up of production, operation and maintenance of the Laser Megajoule


TechnicAtome has been the CEA’s strategic partner since the start of the project for the design, follow-up of production, operation and maintenance of the Laser Mégajoule.

TechnicAtome proposes and applies know-how in the management of new nuclear facility projects to ensure the technical, schedule and financial control of the project.



The Laser Megajoule is a unique tool in in the world, contributing to the "Simulation Programme", to guarantee the safety and reliability of nuclear weapons for deterrence, while complying with the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty ratified by France. Its objective is to reproduce physical conditions in a "laboratory" that are similar to those encountered during the nuclear operation of weapons. At the same time, it allows us to further our knowledge in unexplored areas of matter science and plasma physics.

Main services

  • Project management assistance for project engineering: Physical and software interfaces, design studies and mechanical calculations, facility layout, synthesis and design studies of auxiliaries, implementation of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software and associated processes, performance management, monitoring of industrial contracts and performance, safety and security studies.
  • Support for the facility’s increase in power (eventually 22 Laser Chains): preparation of commissioning and maintenance operations, coordination of activities to maintain operational conditions, management of obsolescence.



Main stages:

  • 2014 : LMJ commissioning and first experiment (one Laser Chain)
  • 2017 : First LMJ / PETAL experiment for academic research (two Laser Chains)
  • 2019: First LMJ fusion experiment (six laser chains)
  • 2020 : Ten Laser chains assembled