BARRACUDA programme

Development and production of 6 on-board nuclear steam supply systems and their support system


Main services

  • Development of the submarine nuclear steam supply system: design and dimensioning studies, layout of installations, definition and qualification of steam supply system equipment
  • Safety studies and production of official documentation to obtain operating authorizations (in particular the safety report)
  • Manufacture of the steam supply systems for the 6 submarines: procurement of equipment, assembly of steam supply systems, I & C and start-up tests
  • Development and manufacture of the support system including the tooling for loading and unloading the core and the training platforms for training Marine personnel
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Main steps

For the first ship of the “Le Suffren” series

  • January 2007: Launch and construction of Barracuda-type submarines
  • January 2010: Detailed design review of the submarine systems
  • August 2012: Steam supply system pre-assembled in-factory on the Nantes-Indret site delivered by sea to Cherbourg
  • July 2013: Nuclear steam supply system closed up, after integration into the hull section in late 2012
  • 2014 : Assemblies of the first installations of the steam supply system reworked as a separate phase at the start of on-board tests
  • 2015-2018 : Installation and tests of the I & C of the steam supply system and overall steam supply system tests
  • 17 decembre 2019 : 1st commissioning
  • 2020 : sea trials