Support engineering for Defence infrastructure

TechnicAtome provides its clients with support throughout the life cycle of the nuclear defence facility: :

Engineering services

Studies, designs and produces

nuclear defence facilities and associated systems

Provides engineering services

up to the project management of programmes on behalf of project owners, future operators and their associated support services

© TechnicAtome/Yohan Brandt

© TechnicAtome

Design and solution expertise to support operators throughout the life cycle of the facilities

Guarantees efficiency

over all maintenance, support and organisational services

Controls risks

associated with running the facility and maintenance operations

Allows for experience feedback

towards the design of future generations of nuclear defence facilities

Solutions for control or operation

Allows a nuclear facility to be run

as an industrial operator on behalf of a nuclear operator

Helps the operator to ensure the highest level of performance

associated with running the facility and maintenance operations

© TechnicAtome/Yohan Brandt

Key achievements

Assistance to the Infrastructure Contracting Authority

TechnicAtome provides support for the Defence Infrastructure Service (SID) in the naval bases of Toulon and Brest, to adapt reception and support facilities for nuclear submarines BARRACUDA.

Assistance to the infrastructure contracting authority Page

Engineering support for the design, production, commissioning and operation phases.