Technical Department: Support Engineering

Design and maintain a consistent Support System for the structure supplied and help to optimize the overall cost of ownership throughout the life cycle.

Nuclear Engineering
Activities related to the profession:
In the design/production phase of a structure:
  • Manage the design and qualification of the support system, respecting performance, costs, availability, quality, health and safety, and environmental safety (role of Support architect),
  • Ensure that Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) requirements are properly taken into account at the level of the structure and the systems and equipment that constitute it,
  • Initialize and complete the LSAB (Logistic Support Analysis Base) as studies progress and provide the maintenance plan of the structure at the end of the phases,
  • Manage and/or carry out Logistics Support analysis,
  • Interface with the design/production activities of the support elements.
In the usage phase of a structure:
  • Maintain the structure’s maintenance repository,
  • Capitalize on, and analyse the experience feedback from support activities and optimize the support system accordingly,
  • Manage changes to the system, regardless of whether these are associated with changes in the structure.
Cross-cuttingly and permanently:
  • Manage or help to maintain the repository of the profession (processes, methods and tools),
  • Manage the support tool at the logistics support base and interface with the information system and users.