Upgrades - Tests & Interventions

Guarantee the coordination of the various work necessary for the smooth running of a servicing project.

Guarantee the assembly, disassembly and inspection made necessary either because of specifications or by carrying out urgent missions.

Operating and Managing nuclear facilities
Activities related to the profession:

Guarantee that specifications for these systems are respected. In some cases, manage the related implementation contracts.

  • Coordinate the work of companies in charge of work to be carried out and report as appropriate to the project manager or the business manager or the client.
  • Check that the work corresponds to the instructions in the specifications by carrying out, or having carried out, assembly/disassembly, inspection and test operations on the mechanical components with the following main missions:
  • preparing for work (tools, equipment and documentation),
  • on-site examination and inspection of mechanical components,
  • removing and refitting mechanical components on servicing sites,
  • disassembling and reassembling these components in a controlled or monitored zone,
  • disassembling and reassembling components in the workshop,
  • making and tracking modifications to components,
  • performing tests of electromechanical components,
  • using related specific tools,
  • using specialized handling equipment made available,
  • using workshop electrical tools,
  • using the equipment and inspection techniques necessary to carry out the work,
  • completing reports with associated control sheets,
  • formalizing feedback and taking it into account.
  • Participate in kick-off meetings.
  • Participate in site coordination meetings, keeping schedules up to date and proposing solutions to achieve objectives.
  • Ensure completeness of the work with regard to the specifications.
  • Check and make Health, Safety, Working Conditions (HSWC) provisions for regulatory compliance of all activities related to the work performed (prevention plan, health/safety, working conditions, inspections, etc.).
  • Manage and supervise the means available to carry out the project (staff, specific tools).
  • Recognise and take part in the treatment of events encountered.
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