Development and production of the four nuclear steam supply systems (NSSS) of the third generation rocket-launching nuclear submarines.

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SNLE 3G Programme
The nuclear rocket launching submarines constitute the oceanic component of the French nuclear deterrent force. The SNLE 3G will take over from the SNLE 2G, type Le Triomphant, when they are withdrawn from active service scheduled for 2030 decade.

Main services

  • Development of the submarine NSSS: design and dimensioning studies, layout of installations, definition and qualification of the NSSS equipment and systems, definition and qualification of the nuclear fuels
  • Safety studies and production of official documentation
  • Production of the NSSS of the four submarines: procurement of the equipment, assembly of the NSSS, production of the instrumentation and control and carrying out of the startup tests
  • Development and production of the support system including in particular the core loading and unloading tools and the training platforms for the training of the National Navy personnel

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Particularities of the SNLE 3G NSSSs

In line with the compact NSSSs of the K15 family which equip the SNLE 2G, type Le Triomphant, the NSSSs of the SNLE 3G programme constitute a link between the NSSSs of the Barracuda programme, which was lower in power, and the K22 NSSSs of the future nuclear-propelled aircraft carrier, which is significantly greater in power.

They comprise a certain number of significant innovations compared with the Barracuda NSSSs designed mainly around 2010, innovations which are intended to be loaded into the K22-type NSSSs.

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Main stages:

  • 2006 – 2021 : Design studies
  • February 2021 : Decision to launch and produce by the Government, and notification of the Production contract