Services associated with operating and operational maintenance

With its long experience in the design, manufacture and support for nuclear reactors for naval propulsion, TechnicAtome makes its expertise as a designer, and its solutions to provide support for operators available to its customers.

With dedicated facilities on the Cadarache site, TechnicAtome offers a wide range of training services and carries out upgrading of the main on-board reactor equipment.

© TechnicAtome

© TechnicAtome


    • Guarantees designer performance as support for operating Navy reactors
    • Ensures the availability (changement de combustible et de composants primaires) TechnicAtome est un acteur-clé des interventions de maintenance nucléaire des chaufferies embarquées sur les navires à propulsion nucléaire. Les références emblématiques sont les deux arrêts techniques majeurs du porte-avions Charles de Gaulle (ATM1 : 2007/2008 – ATM2 : 2016/2018) pour lesquels les chaufferies sont entièrement contrôlées et les cœurs rechargés avec du combustible neuf en 18 mois d’intervention.

    • Proposes innovative solutions to facilitate maintenance operations and process feedback