Diversity policy

The use of a diversity of individual profiles in the company, along with attention to the fact that no form of discrimination exists or is perpetuated for any reason whatsoever are the two guidelines of TechnicAtome’s social action for diversity.

Sabrina Duporté – Diversity manager

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Diversity policy

We believe that the quest for diversity, in addition to being a duty in the face of the mosaic-like nature of the society that we live in, is also an argument that helps to maintain our professional efficiency, because of the pride of belonging that it inculcates in all our staff. And we also believe that the ability of the company to guarantee that no-one in any way risks being a victim of personal discrimination at any point in their career is an essential argument to maintain fidelity and the will of its staff to merge into a single entity. Fair treatment, regardless of sexual orientation, age, origin, disability, and of course gender, is one of the cornerstones helping the company to run smoothly and efficiently.

In keeping with the terms of the law of February 28, 2017, to verify that there is no discrimination of any kind when hiring, recruiters and managers are regularly made aware of its various possible facets. Training courses on the quality of life at work, on psycho-social risks, and on diversity in general, are given to all managers.


Regarding the issue of disability in companies, every year events are organized on the various TechnicAtome sites to raise awareness of disability among the staff, help the disabled to integrate, and help people to overcome their differences. The commitment of management and social partners on the subject of disability is embodied in an Agreement signed in 2017.

TechnicAtome is at the crossroads of the French defence industry and the national nuclear industry, and engineering is the bulk of its activities. Each of these characteristics would be enough on its own to face the company with a predominantly male recruiting pool. Recruiting and retaining a significant proportion of women (now about one-quarter) in the workforce is therefore a preoccupation that is dealt with by means of an active approach, which begins with recruitment, and whose effects are consolidated by ensuring that no form of discrimination in wages or in promotion opportunities creeps in. The measurement index set up by the decree of January 8, 2019, to measure the standing of the company in terms of professional equality between men and women, awards TechnicAtome a result of 78/100. This shows a satisfactory situation and encourages us to maintain our commitment and actions.

The measurement index set up by the decree of January 8, 2019, and which aims to measure the company's situation in terms of professional equality between men and women, gives TechnicAtome a result of 39 / 40 to the indicator relating to the pay gap between women and men, 20/20 to the indicator relating to the gap in individual salary increases between women and men, 15/15 to the indicator relating to the difference in the promotion rate between women and men, 15/15 to the indicator relating to the percentage of employees having benefited from an increase in the year following their return from maternity leave, and finally 0 / 10 to the indicator relating to the number of employees of the under-represented sex among the 10 employees who received the highest salaries. The overall score of the index is 89/100, this indicates a suitable situation and which encourages us to maintain our commitment and our actions.

The balance between work and private life is another area that we monitor, with the conviction that this is also a way of securing long-term equality between men and women and between the different generations at TechnicAtome. To achieve this we use various means, such as dedicated concierge services or year-round reservations in day nurseries. We also make no secret of the importance we attach to allowing our staff to switch off their computers outside normal working hours, and conversely many of them use teleworking, on an ad hoc or regular basis depending on the needs of their work.

To conclude, the quest for diversity and the consolidation of a harmonious mix are for TechnicAtome both a duty and a source of collective enrichment. Given the specific features of our business, this requires long-term commitment from our management.

Diversity manager
Diversity policy

Our Key-figures

Overall, more than 100 permanent positions are available, and as many proposals for block release training, particularly in the various fields of nuclear engineering for compact reactors, fuels and associated facilities.

Each year we recruit a hundred or so trainees, either full-time or as part of a sandwich course.

of people under 30 recruited
1 %
of women in all of our mainly technical positions
1 %