A word of support of the TechnicAtome charter to our staff

Since we began, TechnicAtome’s missions have been carried out in the best interests of the country. Those related to naval propulsion are a key link in nuclear deterrence and maintaining international peace. Those that contribute to the production of land-based reactors for civil purposes help towards the progress and modernity of France.
Our vocation is therefore to serve the general interest and is rooted in the long term. The technical and strategic ambition of our business is an obligation for us all, and invests us with great responsibility, both collective and individual. This cannot be fully honoured without maintaining and sharing a heritage of know-how and conduct, and without respect for the ethical principles that underlie the cohesion of groups, both in general and in our everyday actions. I urge each of us to read and get to know the few pages that we have entitled TechnicAtome's Code of Ethics, the scope of which is valid only because they are to be taken, not as a reminder of the law, but as an imperative injunction to respect the simple rules that allow a group like ours to create an enviable society.

Chairman and Managing Director of TechnicAtome

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Diversity policy

Diversity plays an essential part in performance.

It enables exchanges and skills to be deepened, different visions to be confronted, and allows us to become a source of innovation. It must be implemented, enhanced and defended. This is why TechnicAtome has chosen to draw up and promote its Diversity policy.