Small Modular Reactor (SMR)

With its wealth of experience in compact nuclear reactors, TechnicAtome innovates with the design of a small modular power reactor.

TechnicAtome, within a French partnership supported by the State, is developing a small modular reactor (340 MWe), which will be based on a pair of nuclear steam supply systems (NSSSs) with an equivalent power of 170 MWe each. Together with French nuclear power industry leader, EDF, TechnicAtome, the CEA and Naval Group are working on the development of this French initiative named NUWARD™.

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  • To develop a small pressurised water reactor to meet the growing needs of the market for safe and competitive low-carbon electricity.
  • To develop a modular solution, based on proven technology, which will incorporate a number of major innovations, benefiting the operator and the competitiveness of the product.

Simplicity and compactness of an integrated design.

Flexibility during the construction and operation phase.

An innovative approach to safety in keeping with the highest global standards.

Main services

  • Design and development of the nuclear steam supply system (reactor).

  • Design of the reactor core.

  • Development of innovative technological blocks to improve product competitiveness.

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The project in pictures


An innovative reactor:

Easy to build

Thanks to a simplified design, both in its general architecture and in the design of its components.

Easy to assemble

By virtue of its modular design, its compactness and its integrated architecture.

Allowing a new approach to safety

With the innovations used in it, the SMR has passive safety mechanisms, meets all the Generation 3 safety requirements and offers additional margins.

Easy to operate

The assembly of several modules makes for flexibility in operation and maintenance.