Services associated with the operation and maintenance of nuclear facilities in operational conditions

Drawing on its experience, TechnicAtome supports its customers in optimising the operation and maintenance of their nuclear facilities and in prolonging their life-cycle.


  • Operates nuclear facilities dedicated to nuclear propulsion or research, and keeps them in operating condition.
  • Proposes innovative solutions to facilitate the operation of facilities by integrating feedback (renovation of the I&C systems, study of fuel behaviour or the addition of new applications).
  • Conducts nuclear facility safety assessments and reassessments.

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Main references

  • Operation of the French nuclear propulsion test reactor (RES) and associated facilities for nuclear operator, CEA.

  • Assistance with the increase in power and operation of the Laser Mégajoule.

  • Fuel design within the framework of the European LEU-FOREVER project (Low Enriched Uranium Fuels fOR REsEarch Reactors), whose objective is to enable the Eastern European research reactor to diversify their fuel supplies and ensure their sustainability.