Analogue safety control systems for the UK Hinkley Point C EPR project

Since 2010, TechnicAtome and its subsidiary ARCYS have been developing the analog safety I&C system for the Hinkley Point C EPR for FRAMATOME.



  • To provide an I&C system in a diversified technology to meet the reliability requirements stipulated by the UK safety authority.
  • To develop a specific platform for the design, integration and qualification of the I&C cabinets.

Main services

  • Design and engineering of approximately 160 safety I&C cabinets.

  • Manufacture, assembly and cabling, with ARCYS, of over 12,000 analog cards.

© TechnicAtome/Arcys

© TechnicAtome

Latest major events :

  • 2018 : Qualification of the UNICORN platform
  • 2020 : NCSS prototype qualification