Contrôle & maintenance industrielle

Guarantee that deadlines for maintenance operations are respected.

Guarantee maintenance of the facility in accordance with its safety reference system.

Contrôle et maintenance industrielle

Coordination du travail des différentes entreprises chargées des opérations d’entretien par domaine de compétence et compte-rendu, le cas échéant, au chef d’entreprise ou de l’établissement.

Specify, organize, coordinate and perform (or have performed) regulatory inspections, periodic tests and industrial maintenance operations in the following areas:

  • electricity,
  • instrumentation et contrôle (I & C),
  • mechanical,
  • measurement (metrology) and instrumentation,
  • industrial computing,
  • multi-services,
  • clean-up operations.

Ensure that the commitments to specifications are respected and that suppliers or subcontractors are followed up:

  • participating in site or project coordination meetings,
  • respecting and enforcing Quality-Health and Safety-Security and Environment policies,
  • providing the necessary services and equipment required (vehicles and regulatory controls).