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Technical professions

Our contracts require mastery of key methodologies and technologies such as system architecture, project management, digital security, safety analysis, thermal-hydraulics and neutronics, integrated logistics support, etc.

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Our technical professions

TechnicAtome works for clients of French National Defence
and the civilian nuclear sectors of research and energy production.

Operating and managing nuclear facilities
Our professions

Operating and managing
nuclear facilities

Manufacturing ceramics, equipment & structures

Guarantee the manufacture of fuel elements for Nuclear Propulsion.

Method & Processes

Guarantee qualification of the process. Guarantee that the process will become an implementation process.

Technical Exploitation

Managing Complex Facilities

Operate, manage or monitor facilities (shore-based or on-board nuclear reactors or test loops) in teams, the organizationand composition of which depend on the operating documents associated with these facilities

Upgrades - Tests & Interventions

Guarantee the coordination of the various work necessary for the smooth running of a servicing project. Guarantee the assembly, disassembly and inspection made necessary either because of specifications or by carrying out urgent missions.

Industrial Inspection & Maintenance

Guarantee that deadlines for maintenance operations are respected. Guarantee maintenance of the facility in accordance with its safety reference system.


Guarantee cost, time and quality imperatives in receiving, storing, preparing and distributing goods. Guarantee safe transport of radioactive material. Guarantee safety handling operations at the facilities.
Our professions

Nuclear Engineering

Facilities & Systems

Guarantee that specifications for these systems are respected. In some cases, manage the related implementation contracts.

I & C and Measurements

Guarantee the use of techniques relating to the methods and requirements of design, manufacture, operation, integration, management and maintenance of I & C systems and equipment.

Mechanical engineering

Guarantee the design and supply of mechanical systems that meet the requirements of the Projects.

Safety & Nuclear Process

Promote facility management and maintainability. Guarantee overall efficiency and safety of structures. In the field of simulation, also guarantee support for the Prime Contractor of the On-board Nuclear Steam Supply System (balanced safety needs and availability, optimized cost of engineering studies, reduced number of commissioning tests) and the end customer (OM, training, etc.).

Technical Department: Support Engineering

Design and maintain a consistent Support System for the structure supplied and help to optimize the overall cost of ownership throughout the life cycle.

Technical Department: Architecture & Processes

Guarantee control of the design and technical coordination of projects.

Technical Department: Training

Guarantee the satisfaction of the client and trainees. Guarantee an appropriate image of the company.

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