Nuclear Propulsion & Defence

TechnicAtome combines its experience as a designer of naval propulsion nuclear reactors and an operator of nuclear defence facilities.

Throughout successive generations, the nuclear submarines of the French Navy have been propelled in complete safety by compact nuclear reactors designed by TechnicAtome.

TechnicAtome's staff conduct large projects at different stages of development and guarantee their customers the highest levels of availability while respecting the highest safety requirements.

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Nuclear Propulsion & Defence

Major projects

RES programme

Design and construction of the shore-based nuclear test reactor for naval propulsion.

Barracuda programme

Design and construction of nuclear propulsion reactors for the next generations of submarines (Barracuda nuclear attack submarines and nuclear powered ballistic-missile submarines).

Aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle

Development, production and operational support of the nuclear steam supply systems on the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle.

The PA-Ng Program

Development and production of the two nuclear steam supply systems (NSSS) propelling the PA-Ng New Generation Aircraft Carriers, successor to the Charles de Gaulle.

SNLE 3G Programme

Development and production of the four nuclear steam supply systems (NSSS) on board the SNLE 3G rocket-launching nuclear submarines.
Nuclear Propulsion & Defence

TechnicAtome, present throughout the life cycle of a nuclear propulsion reactor and industrial player in the implementation of the means of support of Nuclear Propulsion, offers its customers a wide range of services

Design and production engineering

Manufacture of fuel and reactor cores

Services associated with operating and operational maintenance

Reactor simulation and modelling physical phenomena

Industrial operator of nuclear facilities

Nuclear Propulsion & Defence

TechnicAtome offers its customers similar engineering solutions for nuclear defense facilities:

Support engineering for Defence infrastructure

Assistance to the Infrastructure Contracting Authority

TechnicAtome provides support for the Defence Infrastructure Service (SID) in the naval bases of Toulon and Brest, to adapt reception and support facilities for nuclear submarines BARRACUDA.

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Engineering support for the design, production, commissioning and operation phases.